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Reference List

Reference list

During these years variety of courses were organized and attended by great number of students of different age and proffesion. Among them, the following successful projects for mass education were organized:

Large-scale projects in Europe

  • Action Centrum, Poland
  • Iskratel, Macedonia
  • Aerospace Industrial Maintenance, Norway
  • Akademika, Bosnia
  • Albanian Government
  • Alb Telecom, Albania
  • Albanian Patents and Trademarks Office
  • Aleat Safran, Albania
  • Alpha bank, Albania
  • AMC, Albania
  • Arrow ECS, Finland
  • Asseco SEE, Europe
  • BelleAir, Albania
  • BKT, Albania
  • British Embassy, Macedonia
  • Computas As, Norway
  • Council of Ministers, Albania
  • Delegation of EU
  • Eagle Mobile, Albania
  • Eulex, Kosovo
  • Evry AS Trondheim, Norway
  • Fastech, Albania
  • FeBank, Albania
  • General Department of Taxes, Albania
  • General Directorate of Civil State, Albania
  • Glasspaper, Norway
  • Government of Republic of Albania
  • Hewlett Packard, Bulgaria
  • Horizon, Albania
  • Infosoft, Albania
  • Intech +, Albania
  • Interadria, Kosovo
  • Intesa SanPaolo Bank of Albania,
  • IPKO, Kosovo
  • Johnson Controls, Bulgaria
  • Kompas xNet, Slovenia
  • Kongsberg Maritime As, Norway
  • Kosovo Customs
  • National Agency for Information Society, Albania
  • National Registration Center, Albania
  • NATO HQ KFOR, Kosovo
  • NATO HQ, Macedonia
  • Norsk Helsenett As, Norway
  • ProCredit bank, Albania
  • Public Procurement Agency, Albania
  • QUIPU, Germany
  • Raiffeisen Bank, Albania
  • S&T, Albania
  • Scania, Norway
  • Sinteza, Albania
  • Supreme State Audit, Albania
  • TELENOR Satelit Networks, Kosovo
  • Thon Hotels, Norway
  • UN, Europe
  • Union Bank, Albania
  • UNMIK, Kosovo
  • Vialto consulting, Hungary
  • Vizada, Kosovo
  • Vodafone, Albania

Other large-scale projects

  • Alkaloid
  • Assembly of Center community
  • British Council
  • Computer training for professors
  • Concrete Factory Usje
  • Construction Company Mavrovo
  • Council for radio diffusion
  • Delta Sport
  • DHL Skopje
  • Economic chamber of Macedonia
  • EVN – Part of EVN Austria
  • Fakom
  • Feni
  • Fersped
  • Fund for international and regional roads
  • German technical support – GIZ
  • Hypo-Alpe-Adria
  • JPAU
  • JSP Skopje
  • Judicial Budget Council
  • KIBS Clearing House
  • Kola
  • Natiomal Lottery
  • Macedonian Roads
  • Meat Industry Mega
  • Archelor Mittal Steel
  • MZT Pumpi
  • One Telecom
  • Pelagonija
  • Pliva Pharmaceuticals
  • Post offices
  • Prilep Brewery
  • Public Company for Water Supply
  • QBE Insurance MACEDONIA
  • Republic institution for development of social activities Skopje Fair
  • T – home – Deutche Telecom
  • T – mobile – Deutche Telecom
  • Imperial Tobacco, Skopje
  • VIP Telecom Operator
  • Wurth
  • Zegin
  • Zito Luks

IT companies

  • AMC
  • Anhoch
  • Asseco
  • Ericsson
  • Infinite Solutions
  • King ICT
  • Login Systems
  • Makpetrol Dell
  • Neocom
  • Neotel
  • Onnet
  • S&T
  • Seavus SIMT


  • Alfa Bank
  • Commercial Bank
  • Halk Bank
  • National Bank of Macedonia
  • Ohridska Bank Société Générale
  • ProCredit Bank
  • Sparkasse
  • Stopanska Bank
  • TTK Bank
  • NLB Tutunska Bank
  • World Bank


  • CRS
  • Danish Refugee Council
  • International Red Cross
  • NDI
  • Open the Windows
  • OXO
  • Soros Open Society Institute
  • SOS Children’s Village
  • UNDP
  • UNICEF Prishtina
  • USAID Prishtina


  • Agency for Privatization
  • Government of the Republic of
  • Macedonia
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Ministry of Education and Sciense
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Information Society
  • Ministry of Internal affairs
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Politics
  • Ministry of Science Ministry of Transport


  • Dnevnik – Daily newspaper
  • Kanal 5 Television
  • Kapital – Monthly newspaper
  • Macedonian National Television
  • Media Print Macedonia – MPM
  • Tea Moderna
  • Telma TV
  • Vecer – Daily newspaper Vest


  • Employment Agency of RM (AVRM)
  • European Agency for Reconstruction
  • British Embassy – SWAT Project
  • British Embassy – Project for hearing impared teens
  • Project Agency for Privatization
  • Project MCMS – Macedonian Center for International Cooperation
  • Project PharePAR and Ministry of Justice
  • Project Proxima

About Semos Education

The main task of Semos Education is developing a wide range of courses designed for various end users with a different level of computer technology knowledge.
Special attention is given to the cooperation with companies and institutions, organizing a customized training for them, focusing on their needs and their internal development. Semos Education also acts as a service for educational support for companies in the region. Equipped with sophisticated information technology and highly educated and experienced training staff, Semos Education sets the standards in education quality.

Semos Education develops a system of computer education, as an informal education which elevates the rank of the computer education. Together with the learning system, which is developed continuously, Semos Education is coordinating and organizing a system of knowledge certification, regarding the international certification system. Semos Education is a complete educational service in the IT field, as well as other areas like management, marketing etc.


Our Team

International Conferences

Our Achievements

Latest Projects

International Collaboration


  • 1998 – CPLS Microsoft
  • 1998 – Autodesk Authorized Training Center
  • 1999 – Adobe Authorized Training Center
  • 2003 – Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning Solutions
  • 2004 – Cisco Learning Partner
  • 2005 – ClearView Business Training Center (Managemen Training)
  • 2006 – Academy for graphic design
  • 2006 – Project Management Training
  • 2007 – Semos Alts – Company in Albania
  • 2008 – ECDL certification
  • 2009 – EC-Council Authorized Training Center
  • 2009 – Java Authorized Training Center
  • 2010 – Academy for Graphic&Web design
  • 2010 – Regional Oracle Approved Training Center
  • 2011 – C & C++ Programming
  • 2011 – Web Development – PHP with MYSQL
  • 2011 – Certiport Authorized Testing Centar
  • 2012 – Superbrands Macedonia’s choice
  • 2012 – Web Development HTML5 & CSS3
  • 2013 – Vmware Authorized Training Center
  • 2013 – Online Distance Learning Training
  • 2014 – Autodesk Academic Partner
  • 2015 – Superbrands Macedonia’s choice
  • 2015 – Web Development JavaScript
  • 2016 – Superbrands Macedonia’s choice
  • 2016 – Accredited Training Provider for ISTQB
  • 2016 – Agile Scrum Courses
  • 2017 – Academy for Interior Design and JavaScript
  • 2017- DeVops Forerunner and Training Partner
  • 2017 -Semos Education on 2nd location – City Ohrid, Macedonia

  • Semos Education’s team is consisted of total 92 people, of which 19 are full time employees, 10 of them are trainers and 73 external certified trainers. 
    Our trainers are highly educated professionals, with many years of experience in this field. Trainers are being continuously trained in the world famous software companies. After a rigorous evaluation and passing 2-7 exams, depending on the vendor’s requirements, trainers have the right to deliver official and authorized training. Certificates owned by Semos Education training staff:
  • Microsoft Trainers & Certifications
    14 MCT – Microsoft Certified Trainers
    1 MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for SQL Server

    Microsoft Office Trainers
    7 MOS – Microsoft Office Specialists

    Oracle Certified Trainers
    6 OCT Oracle Certified Trainers

    Cisco Certified Trainers
    3 CCSI – Certified Cisco Systems Instructors

    EC-Council Certified Trainers
    2 CEI – Certified EC-Council Instructors

    VMware Certified Trainers
    2 VCP – VMware Certified Professionals

    ITIL Trainers & Certifications
    1 ITIL Certified Trainers
  • ISTQB Certified Trainers
    4 ISTQB Certified Trainers

    Autodesk Certified Instructors
    6 ACI – Autodesk Certified Instructors in AutoCAD | Maya | Revit | 3DS Max | Fusion

    Adobe Certified Instructors
    8 Adobe Certified Instructors in Photoshop | Illustrator | After Effects | InDesign | PremierPro

    Children’s Educational Center
    15 Certified Trainers | IT Basics | Graphic Design | Web Design | Programming | Computer Animation | Junior Administrator

    2 PHP Trainers | 3 HTML Trainers | 2 JavaScript Trainers
  • 2 Project Management Trainers

International Conferences attendance

Some of our trainers are regularly invited as presenters on world Microsoft conferences and they have held presentations in their line of expertise. Conferences where Semos Education trainers have been taking place either as presenters or instructors are:

  • Microsoft TechEd North America 2010 – New Orleans, USA
  • Microsoft TechEd Europe 2010 – Berlin, Germany
  • Vizija – Microsoft Conference 2003 until 2012 – Skopje, Macedonia
  • WinDays 2003 until 2012 – Opatija, Croatia
  • Microsoft TechEd 2007/2008/2009 – Orlando, Florida, USA
  • TechEd: developers 2006/2007/2008 – Barcelona, Spain
  • Microsoft TechEd 2006 – Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Microsoft IT Forum 2005 until 2010 – Barcelona, Spain
  • DevReach 2011 – Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Mobility Day 2009/2010 – Zagreb, Croatia
  • SQL TuneIn 2011 – Zagreb, Croatia u
  • MVP Summit 2010/2012 – Seatle, USA
  • Kulen Dayz 2008/2013 – Osijek, Croatia
  • TechEd Europe 2012 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • TechEd Europe 2013 – Madrid, Spain

Our Achievements

EC- Council awarded Semos Education with Best Newcomer of the Year 2010 award
The President and the management of EC – Council awarded Semos Education with Best Newcomer of the Year 2010 award. The EC-Council Awards presentation ceremony was held on Oct 13, during the Hacker Halted Conference in Miami. 

Hack the Hackers event
On April 01, 2011, Semos Education held the “Hack The Hackers” event in Skopje. This event was attended by 108 participants, most of which were IT managers in Macedonia’s biggest Banks, Government Institutions such as the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, telecoms, biggest companies etc.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – Winner of woman in business award
Valentina Taseva, Semos Education’s CEO, was awarded the first prize: Women in Business – Outstanding Achievement in Industry.
On May 20, 2011 in Astana, Kazakhstan, the EBRD’s Annual Meeting and Business Forum was held. It was here that Valentina Taseva, won the EBRD’s Outstanding Achievement in Industry award. The award was presented to her at the panel discussion event “Women in Business – Meeting the Challenges”.

Best Marketing Solution Award 
Semos Education was awarded the first prize for best marketing solutions for the campaign “I chose Semos Education” at Microsoft Leading Learning Partners Summit held from September 18 to 22, 2013 in Rejkavik, Iceland. 

Best success story 
Certiport has chosen 2014 Adobe project as one of the best success stories and filmed a video about the project. 

Success story Award 
Oracle has chosen 2015 project for Employment Agency as one of the best success stories.

Superbrands Macedonia’s Choice 
Semos Education is elected in the club of the best brands in Macedonia’s market – Superbrands Macedonia for six years in a row 2011/2017. Semos Education, as a brand with a high average score, is invited to actively capitalize their status using the token prize Superbrands Macedonia’s choice.

Sustainable values 
Marili Agency awarded Valentina Taseva with the “Woman Manager Succesfully Leading the Company for 20 Years” award.

Latest Projects

Employment Projects
Semos Education in collaboration with the Employment Agency of Republic of Macedonia since 2013, have provided training and certification for 1024 unemployed people with 2154 courses. More than 5000 unemployed people applied and were subjected for testing in the specific IT field of interest. In order to acquire appropriate certification, candidates had to attend a certain number of courses and pass several exams.

Project for Inclusive Design
The British Council, in partnership with SEMOS Education implemented a project for promotion of inclusive design and digital art as means for development and support of social entrepreneurship. This partnership enables involvement of 7 students with hearing disabilities from DUCOR “Partenija Zografski” from Skopje in courses for graphic design in the frames of the Inclusive Design project. The aim of this project is to establish cooperation among student designers and people with disabilities in the process of tuition and creation of contemporary products and gaining skills in graphic design. All 7 of them successfully acquired Certificates in Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop.

Career Center
Semos Education’s Career Center helps in recruiting and selecting highly qualified candidates. Semos Education has a database of over 40,000 potential candidates, specialized both in software and 
IT, as well as other discipline. To guarantee successful personnel recruitment and selection, the Career Center’s team includes professionals with vast experience in HR and technical skills, with specific relation to software and IT industries.

Semos Education each year awards scholarships in order to support young and talented individals. Scholarships are awarded in the Academy for Graphic & Web Design and for official training for Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, EC-Council, Adobe and Autodesk.

Mentorships programs 
Students in Semos Education work under mentorship of some of the best companies in Macedonia. Mentors can offer internship or employment to the best students.

New classroom 
Semos Education opened new classrooms in November 2017 on a second location in Ohrid, Macedonia.

International Collaboration

Brought ever closer by technological breakthroughs and increased communications around the globe, today’s world is smaller than ever. The reason why these companies chose Semos Education as their training partner is simple. Our trainers are highly skilled in their own fields of expertise. Our partners recognize their proficiency and they express interest in cooperation with us for the latest trainings. We are glad to know that our trainers are winning the highest grades on MTM (Metrics That Matter) and because of that Semos Education was chosen as a training partner by many companies.

  • 2007 – 2014, Albania and Kosovo – Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, Android, iOS and EC-Council Training
  • 2009/2010, Denmark – Cisco Training
  • 2010-2014, Norway – Microsoft Training
  • 2011, Romania – EC-Council Training
  • 2011/2012/2013, Poland – EC-Council
  • 2013, Slovenia – EC-Council Training
  • 2013, Bosnia – VMware Training, Cisco Training
  • 2013/2014, Finland – EC-Council Training
  • 2013/2014, Live Virtual Classroom – Java Training
  • 2014, Estonia – EC-Council Training